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This project started back in 2014. I made steady progress at the start but other projects (T25 Syncro, Jetta Syncro, Audi Quattro etc,) pushed it down the queue for a few years. I have started back into the GT6 in recent months and now have the new quarter panels, floors, inner and middle sills, A posts etc welded in place and outer sills temporarily fitted pending refitting of body tub onto chassis. I have hundreds of photos but here are a few of the major milestones along the way.

Here are a few to start with. I have more that I will put up later.








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Looks like a fairly reasonable starting point...... but then so did mine! 

I always wanted a UR Quattro Coupe.  Always slightly out of reach until they suddenly became way out of reach.  Temptation still lurks a few miles up the road in the form of a C4 S6 Avant........ he wants too much money and never haggles.....

Something strange about your rear spring?  Seems quite flat?

Look forward to more pics :smile:

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The UR Quattros are gone crazy money in my opinion. Tricky cars to rebuild. Some panels are getting scarce and therefore expensive. I think that rebuild took us 2 years to complete. 

I didnt pass much regard to the spring tbh. I just rebuilt the running gear to get them out from under my feet and free up some space. I may revisit the running gear again and take a closer look at that spring. Thanks for your obs. Much appreciated. This is my first Triumph to restore and I am fairly in the dark about the whole geometry of the car. 

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There's a  Quattro specialist just up the road from me, AM Cars, he's the one with the S6.  He does have some VERY lovely stuff there, but the prices....... :ohmy:

Spring may turn out to be fine - possibly a modified one.  The standard ones don't look like that though.

Screen surround looked very typical.  Nice looking repair.

Pics of my gutter corners below...... advisory only :smile:




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Anyway, here are a few recent pics off my phone. Picture quality is poor.    This is where I am presently with the tub.


Doors, bonnet/wings, rear tailgate ready to refit. A few more days of welding and prepping the tub and then try a trial refit to the chassis. Door gaps are 80% (sitting a bit high at the b-piller) but the sills are only held on with selftappers awaiting bonnet and wings to go on after refit to chassis.  I hope to be able to "play around" a good bit with all the gaps at that point before welding on the outer sills.














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Painting the inside of the panels body colour before fitting..... that's posh (or is it white primer?) - but the welding......?

Final gapping will be fun - but so worth the time.  Far too many Spitfires and GT6s out there with poor panel gaps.

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LOL. Yes a bit of overkill. I sprayed the inner wings and the inside of the rear quarters with epoxy primer and a few coats of top coat. Offered them up , punch the outer panels for the plugwelds and then marked through onto the inner. Sanded off the areas on both mating surfaces and gave the mating surfaces a final coat of weldthru before plug welding. I liked the idea of the topcoat on the concealed areas. It is a bit of overkill but I had a litre or 2 of topcoat that I wouldnt be 100% happy with for a finish coat and I intend using it up in any areas that are not visible or obvious. Maybe use it for floors, engine bay also.

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Hi. I hav'nt posted in a while so here is a brief update. I took the bodytub down off the rotisserie and fitted it to the chassis. Fitted the doors and bonnet/wing assembley and spent a day playing around with the panel fit. Managed to get it 90% right and then welded on the outer sills with a few spots.. I hope I will be able to improve on panel fit at a later stage.

Anyway, I then put the tub back up on the rotisserie and finished welding on the outer sills. I applied seam sealer to all joints and seams and primed over it. I gave the underneath a good coat of Gravitex (in white) and two good heavy coats of paint. I also painted the interior of the tub. 

A few days later, I took it back off the rotisserie and re-fitted it to the chassis. Today, I cleaned off the loom and now have it ready to refit. I will start putting a few bits and pieces back into the shell from time to time just to have a break from the bodywork. I have opened another thread to enquire about bench testing the heater blower motor. Hope somebody will give me some tips on how to test it before I refit it.

Happy with progress this past few weeks. Here are a few pics.







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Started back into this project some months back. Spent quite a while working on the tub refitting doors with quarter lights, rear quarter windows, bonnet assembly etc, for final tweeking of panel gaps and so on. I lead loaded areas of the B Posts and some areas  in the wings/bonnet area. It was my first time to attempt lead-loading  and I found it challenging but rewarding once finished. Once I had the panel gaps as good as I could get them. I welded up the outer sills and primed and finalised many area of the bodytub. I then decided to move on to something more enjoyable and rewarding.

I turned my attention to sorting out the many boxes of parts that came with the car and identifying parts that I need to source. More later.

I then turned my attention to doors, hatch lid, bonnet assembly and other areas and parts of the car that I could complete. I prepped,primed, filler primed and colour coated these parts and panels and now have them stored away whilst I turn my attention to final prep and spraying of the body tub.


Here are a few pics.. (no particular order) :

















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Thats all of the painting done now, 

Over the next few weeks I hope to reassemble the main components of the car (bonnet, doors, rear hatch etc.) and then to put some plan in place around  the order of locating, cleaning and  refitting various parts that are stored in the boxes that came with the car when I bught it. 

I expect I will be back here quite often looking for advice about building it up from a bare shell.

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On 7/25/2020 at 12:49 AM, UNFIT said:

put some plan in place around  the order of locating, cleaning and  refitting various parts that are stored in the boxes that came with the car when I bught it

Good luck with that....... !

My GT6 was car number three that I've done starting from a random pile of parts - having sworn never to do it again after the first one (Vitesse).  It at least had been dis-assembled in a garage where it was the only Triumph and the PO had been fairly methodical.  Nevertheless there was quite a bit missing - mostly trim that was probably beyond hope, but would have been nice to have as templates.  The car had been much molested in it's previous history also which didn't help.

The Spitfire was hopeless.  Two of some things (both knackered) and none of others with random 2CV parts mixed in......

May the force be with you.

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Yes. Hard to know where to start. Might start routing the wiring looms and maybe refitting some of the parts back up under the dash while they are easy to get to. Might also start sorting out some of the parts in the engine compartment (brake and clutch cylinders, wiper motor etc.)

I cleaned and refitted the rear light clusters just to give me a bit of boost to the confidence. :biggrin:

I might re-assemble the doors and try refitting them.... or should I hang them first and fit the glass and winder/lock mechanisms when they are on the car ?  at least they would be lighter to refit that way and pose less risk of scratches to paintwork.

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Wiring is a good starting point.  And those fiddly bits under the dash.  That area is all fiddly though, especially for those of us with big monkey paws.....

Doors.... I think I fitted the catches as an aid to getting everything aligned but built everything else up after fitting.  We had done trial builds before paint so we knew it all fitted.  Bulkhead stuff, brake and fuel lines was done fairly early on too.

Headlining....... ?  I really didn't enjoy that.......

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I think that is a good order to approach things. 

I'm not looking ford to the headlining . I did one on a mini once. It went up before fitting the front or rear screens. 

I dont seem to have any rods for headlining and I have not gone ut buying a headliner yet. Any suggestions.

To make matters worse, this car has a webasto roof which Im sure will probably make fitting the headliner even worse.

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