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Exactly 10 yrs since restoration

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Next week marks the 10th anniversary of my 3A’s restoration finish! I’ve kept a logbook since day #1 and that’s how I found out. Coffee and cake, I tell you.

10 yrs of virtually trouble-free motoring (knock on wood). Only hiccup was a leaky radiator two winters back.

I planning to treat myself / my car: a present. Currently, the car is on w/wheels. Great look perhaps, I am always under the impression that it’s not ideal. That’s why I’m drawn to Minilites (or replicas).

Having said that, I’m also drawn to the idea of ditching the windscreen and go ‘hardcore’ with only a set of Brooklands!

Interested to hear (read) your ideas of splashing out for a nice ‘present’

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i already had the aero screens with my car. The posts for these can stay in place with the full screen on. So it’s easy to remove the main screeens 4 screws for highway fun or my competition. 

Even with aero screens you need goggles /glasses for a bit of wind protection. 


I watched ebay for minilite style wheels. The silver ones I had my road tyres fitted vredestiens sprint classics (great in the wet too)

and again found a black set for my sprint tyres. Road legal just a slightly lower profile.

Ebay can be your friend. 

Go on treat yourself. 




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Happy birthday Mennonite and your 3A. Some of us have learnt a lot from your experience with the car.

I agree about the attraction of Brooklands screens particularly as Hamish says they can be optional.

With regard to the wheels, my 3A is shod on silver Minilte replicas but I am keen to change to wires, ideally painted in the same royal blue as the car. Having just had to pay for 5 years of accumulated tasks for the garage engineers to do, I need to pause financially before changing the wheels!



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