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compressor from a Mercedes 230 SKL on a TR4 engine

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my name is Marco, I own a TR4A IRS and I have been recommended to this forum by Peter Cobbold, please be gentle with me bacause my simple english.

I owned a MB 230 SLK from 1999 - 2007, long time sold, and used parts from this model are on the market for small money.

The compressor you get for about 200 Euro! There are 2 different types + the AMG 6 cylinder compressor. I take a look for it at eBay from time to time.... 

Did anyone try to fit one on a 4 cylinder TR? One "problem" is, it runs only with air, on classic cars compressors run with petroled air.

Ciao Marco

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Welcome Marco. Peter probably knows the most about superchargers on this forum......

I guess you are talking about either the Eaton M45 supercharger (bit small for 2.2L maybe) or M60?  From what I read either of them can be used in a draw-through system where the fuel passes through them.  Interesting project.


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Hi Nick / all,

additional I asked for this at the german SLK Forum, there are the M45, M62 und M65 eaton compressor for Mercedes Benz.

I guess, the M62 will be the easiest to fit and it has a handy size. Its power is variable by the used pulley?

Ciao, Marco

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Sorry, yes, M62.  Boost levels are set by the pulley size as you say.

Would be good to find a curve / map of the compressor so you can compare it’s displacement with engine displacement. This will help you choose the pulley size.

Moss sell (Or used to sell) kits for TR6 intended for the low compression UU engines.

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Hi Marco

Peter is a source of infinite knowledge on supercharging and if the big yellow stripe down my back hadn't got the better of me, I would have followed his advice and bolted an M62 onto my TR6 instead of skimming the head to a higher CR.  There is an excellent book on the subject, which Peter recommended - Turbocharging and Supercharging by Alan Allard.  Still available on Amazon.

Moss still do a supercharger kit for the TR2/3/4.  It's a substantial investment, but there may be things to adopt from their approach and installation.

Good luck!


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Hi Marco,     Welcome to Sideways. 

Yes the second hand Eaton blowers on ebay are very tempting ! The M62 is used in the Moss kit, which is I gather easy to fit in a  couple of weekends. But it comes with a hefty price. if you are happy with turning pulleys on a lathe, and fabricating brackets and a manifold from TiG-welded 5mm aluminium, then you can save a lot of money, but expend a lot of time ! 

I think you will have to follow the Moss design and build a manifold to support the blower . There is probably too little length to put the blower on a bracket in front of the distributor, but that works well on the longer, 6-cylinder engines.

The Eaton rotors are teflon-coated but seem to be OK when wetted with fuel in Moss kits.

There are rules to supercharging that I summarised in this talk:


and others experiences with fitting a kit, and my M62 matching calculations:


As Paul say Alan Allards book is the best Introduction.

Theres also a book by Eldred Norman who supercharged a brand new TR2 in Australia and came fourth in a GP:






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