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Hi All

Recently purchased a Mk2 GT6.  Bodywork and paint all done but needs finishing.  Currently fitting a new loom and everything going ok until tried to wire in heated rear screen.  Ive linked the new loom to the existing loom under the headlining and there are 2 wires (one at each hinge) but no wires from the heated screen to plug these into.  It looks like someone has fitted a new rear screen without exiting the relevant wires from the heating element.  However, not really sure how this is done - from under the seal?  if not where? Am i missing something?

thanks in anticipation




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Hi Bob,

Not sure I understand the exact problem you have but, if it is of help and the connections are missing off the actual screen you can buy conductive silver epoxy which you can use to attach a spade terminal for the wire. you can also use it if you mask off carefully to repair individual broken element as they are normally on the surface and not embedded, as with modern heated glass. It's not cheap but available from RS or Farrnell but cheaper than another glass I suspect.

I expect you have this well resolved by now!

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Just joined the forum so this response is a little late as well- noticing the date of the original postl:ermm: However this might be useful for future reference if anyone searches on the subject.

On my MkIII GT6 there are two short wires (female to female spade connectors if I remember correctly) that connect from the loom at the tailgate hinges to the spade connectors soldered to the heating elements on the window.  These wires are taped to the flange in the tailgate recess and run along the corner of the recess from the window connection emerging by the hinge.  When the window is fitted they are hidden by the rubber moulding.

Hopefully the photos attached make sense of the above.



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