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Another Mad Idea?

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Hello All

               A bit of an update on my daft idea!

So had a boss welded on to the top cover but I decided the operating cam was a bit small(boss very slightly out!)

So I set to and made another one(I hope its all worth it?)

1 st photo marks from 3rd and 4th 

2nd mark from 2nd gear and 4th

6th I made a cut out in the cam so it drops out between 3rd and 4th as I use a home made logic box so the o/d does not come back in when changing up or down.


ps this all seems to take a long time?(but then today I had cut the lawn 14th February ??????) 










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1 hour ago, triumphlux said:

High quality machining and high quality photos :yes:

Thanks for giving us inspiration to do quality work on our cars :thumbsup:


Hello JC

              Thanks for the compliment I do my best I just spend to much time doing it!

But its still better than Scu be do puzzles etc?

Plus photos are a bit of a passion can not stand so called snaps and piccys its so easy to do it right and not have the toilet in the background?


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1 hour ago, Nick Jones said:

Nice work sir!  Putting it back in the car soon?

Hello Nick

                  I have bolt it all together first then test the overdrive!

Plus in 3 weeks the Memsahib is taking me to Africa?(Safari?)

Plus a second plus I have a new diff I want to fit?(I must be MAD at 73.5?) still ferry is booked for Spain in June and 6 hours Spa in September (still you are a long time dead!)

Slightly stressed Roger 

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Hello All

                Why do I do these things

I was all set to assemble the gearbox when I  noticed the connecting link had some play in it!

Next thing I know is it is all in pieces on the bench and I made new bushes and pins for it both over size and drill and reamered to suit.

So that was the day gone along with changing the engine oil and filter on a mates car and cleaning off a Norton motorcycle gearbox to see what repairs are needed!

So tomorrows job assemble the gearbox!


ps how did I ever find time to go to work?


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