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 the coil pack will consume less average current than the single coil with distributor. No doubt about that.

The problem I have had for over 25 years is that as soon as you start installing relays to reduce the load on the "white" ignition wire is that the WL terminal will feed power to keep these relays on when ignition is switched off. A diode will fix this problem & I have one fitted. The location might have an effect on the regulating voltage? The inclusion will effect the cut-in voltage on engine start. Could be problem with poor fast idle control.

Since I have installed an LED ignition light and parallel 47R/Diode My new problem has manifested as that the cabin fan now keeps the ignition on if it's rotating prior to engine shutdown. A diode will cure this when placed in series with the blower motor feed. 

A way I will not bother with; is adding a relay and making the ignition light & feed separate with another relay.

Or will I?






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