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Denso Alternator On Vitesse

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Hi all

I fitted a Denso alternator to my Vitesse about three years ago. I followed Dave's thread and advice of rewiring instead of using the existing loom. Everything works fine charging light goes out and charges the battery. This is a distant memory now but finally the car is almost finished and as I was wiring up the horns I realised I had done something wrong in the initial install as I don't have a live on the right side of the fuse box that feeds the purple wires to the horns. The wires connected below the purple, bottom right were supplied from the original regulator box now disconnected.

I recall running a Brown live from the ignition to the lower left side of the fuse box, and then took a feed from the same spade to the alternator. I installed additional fuses behind the dash for the supply to the lights.

I really need to get under the dash and remind myself what I did, but could I just take a live feed from the same spade to the other side of the fuse box to power the Horn purple wires top right.

The reverse light also isn't working so maybe down to the same problem.

Any suggestions appreciated.






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My Book says

Fuse box

The fuse fed by the brown cable from the Battery (maybe starter solenoid?) protects the following circuits

Main Beam Flasher circuit

Roof Lamp (saloon)

Facia Lamp

Horn Circuit

The fuse fed by white wire from Ignition/Starter switch





Windscreen Wiper

Fuel Gauge


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That looks right.

Brown is permanent live unfused.

Purple is permanent live fused

White is ignition switched unfused 

Green is ignition switched fused.

So if you want the horn, flasher, hazards and interior lights to work with the ignition off you’ll need to feed that terminal with a permanent live.

I think the reversing light thing ought to be unrelated.

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