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Overdrive gearbox, and another overdrive

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Advertising on behalf of a tech-phobic friend.


Overdrive box (with overdrive) from a later dolly 1850, so single rail j type. Been completely stripped, cleaned, checked, anything damaged replaced. Rebuild with new seals/gaskets. 


J type overdrive, 25% ratio. Built into single rail casing, though this will happily fit a three rail box (just some extra lugs) supplied without solenoid etc. But same treatment as the gearbox above.


Another 2 J types are in the pipeline, both with solenoids etc and will be £175

Located in Sussex, but can arrange to take them to the Stoneleigh spares day.

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The gearbox has been sold, along with one overdrive.

I have a feeling there is a d type OD available, will check later (Pete has had a busy Christmas doing gearboxes and stuff!)

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