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Steering column bushes

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As I have my spitfire in bits (again) I thought I may as well replace the column bushes as there is a little bit of play. Not a lot, but worth looking at.

I should add that I am using a late spitfire column, personal choice (and easier ignition key access)

So the usual issue, where to find decent parts. A quick google showed the part no to be GSV1095. Seems they are easily available, and my "chosen" supplier Wood and Pickett certainly saves a load of grief as I was thinking of buying some PTFE bar and visiting a lathe-owning friend... However, if the new ones don't work out it may be back to plan A.


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Not sure which column supports you'll have, but when I replaced UKC5664 (lower clamp) on my Spitfire due to the upper column moving I also added a rubber strip between the clamp and the column - it's reduced the movement quite considerably



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