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Nick Jones

Scrap sculpture?

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We've had a flower pot man in the family for about 15 years, inspired by a visit to Berrynabor in north Devon where they have lots.  He sat in our pear tree at the last house wearing hard hat and holding a saw.

He came with us when we moved and sat in a tree by our entrance, providing a bit of entertainment for passers-by.  That tree died, finished off by the hot dry summer this year and has been converted to firewood, so pot-man, or Jack (short for lumber-jack) has been homeless.

The tree surgeon who removed the tree is a friend of our youngest son and also a serious cyclist, so this seemed appropriate.....



You don't want to think too much about the saddle arrangements or the "surgery" needed to accommodate them :pinch:

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We always seem to have an excess of small to medium - large, even! - flower pots!

Lengths of string/cord through the drain holes, Nick?    Do you use a spacer?    Wood disks?

Looks like a fun project for the apprentice!


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Skeleton is fencing wire John, 2.5 or 3mm iirc. Spacers could be wooden discs or pot saucers.

Google” Berrynabor pot-men” as that village has an annual competition and plenty of pics of them. Occasional pot-dog and pot-cat too.

Project Bikey...... Hmmm.  I’ve already had a complaint from a neighbor (who has been chiding me for this since we moved here) that he is still alone and therefore will be lonely. Apparently a bike is no substitute for a companion with two or four legs!


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