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TR3a hardtop dent help

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New rear brackets made with slightly longer tails to allow the the hard top to sit a little lower on the rear. I have added some plates where the fixing screw go and used domed hex fasteners to strengthen things up. 


Now the sun is out and I don’t need the hard top I took it out on a test run to a mate who can paint..........   All seems to work well. 

I still need the front seal that goes on the hard top 

working out paint options. 

Going with a satin type black on the inside. May or may not line it. If I do I was going for black. 

I want the outside of the hardtop silver, I think?  Similar to the wheels. The car will be black and silver/chrome then. 

A proper silverback






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Silver seems reasonable.  Will certainly work better than the current green and could always be given stripe or two if you felt it needed it.....

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I am just catching up with this forum again and I'm amazed at the level of detail you are providing, especially the videos.  When I bought my first TR3A in 1971 it had recently been painted Ford Aubergine with a white hardtop which actually looked rather nice.  However, the car was originally Powder Blue and I assume the white hardtop was factory fitted, although I never had the Heritage trace done for that car.  By the time I got it, after several previous owners, there was no hardtop lining and the inside was Powder Blue.  When the Aubergine paint started to flake, a friend and I repainted the body with Light Blue Hammerite (which caused a stir at TR Register meetings) as a cheap attempt to get back to original and (here's the point of this rambling post) painted the inside of the hardtop Matt Black.  Big mistake - it made the car feel much more claustrophobic, much as having a black vinyl hood fitted does (one reason my wife prefers the car topless regardless of the weather).  Although that car has long since gone and most of its parts used to keep many other TRs on the road, I still have the hardtop and have toyed with restoring it.  If I do, as I don't have the skill or patience to fit a head-lining, I will probably paint the inside white or silver but definitely not black.  Choice of outside colour is very subjective so if I did ever fit it to my current car it would probably be in matching Conifer or Black but I guess that would be a little boring, so I like the suggestion of a vinyl wrap to go a bit OTT (literally!).

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Hi Brian

i have thought of black inside the hard top as that is what I found under the headlining and my modern car has black headliner and I like it. 

If it becomes too oppressive in the tr a I can change it I'm sure. Out with the Dulux and a brush :biggrin:. But I don’t spend that much time in it !!!

i have in mind to have a go at a headlining but I’d have to borrow a sewing machine and try and work out how to use it :blush: 

it needs pocket strips across the width to take the cross bars that hold up and tension the headlining first I need it back from the paint shop. 

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