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A Humbling Experience in Woodwork

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Well, as planned for a long time now, I have finally obtained and assembled some new speakers.

Not quite finished, I do have some tidying to do, but they are at least operational!IMG_20181104_155712.thumb.jpg.79397bc1d4565ff221db2180489ef641.jpg

(The old speaker on the RHS is holding down the final panel as it glues btw).

Overall cost, not cheap but a lot less than buying equivalent quality of the shelf, I reckon the electronic side (driver's/crossover parts) came through at roughly £500, and the wood plus extra bits roughly £300 (goddamn but high grade Baltic birch plywood costs money!!)

They have however highlighted that building boxes is not always as simple as it sounds. Let's just say, thank god I ordered two full size sheets of plywood, because I have stocked the kindling supply for the fires for the next month lol. These are certainly far from perfect, a charitable description would be to say they have character.

But the sound! Compared to my previous speakers they wipe the floor! Completely clean, live albums actually sound live, whereas before they sounded like playbacks of live recordings. Classical comes through well, having tested by listening to some recordings of my partner's sister soloing with a Kenyan orchestra playing the tuba, and all the instruments come through clearly.

So, all in all, I am pretty happy with these. Some more tidying up and varnishing to be done, and front covers to make for when small fry are visiting, but the worst of the work is complete.


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Well done! Satisfying isn't it? They'll last you for years (if not forever) too! Was this from a kit / plans or did you design them as well? Pretty damn huge.......

I built some from a kit in the mid nineties. Used one full sheet of 25mm mdf (bit cheaper than decent birch ply) to create some two-way floor-standing monoliths. Being a transmission-line design with a fairly complex inner structure they took a bit of head scratching and a crash course in router use. Also had to invest in the router, bits and some whopping great clamps, though all have been used since for other things.

Finished them with iron-on veneer and made some removable fabric covers.

I didn't like their sound initially, but some fiddling with the internal stuffing and the cross-over electronics sorted that eventually. Was pre-digital camera but I may have one or two pics in the archive.

The follow-on project was a class A power amp to the 1969 JLH design. Also a kit but only the pcbs and electronic components. The case/frame and especially the heat sinks were a mission in themselves. Energy efficient it is not, but it sounds great with the speakers when fed from a decent source. Merciless with poor recordings and over compressed digital stuff though.

Best results from vinyl but can't often be bothered these days


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