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GHK1011 GT6/Vitesse/Dolomite Front Wheel Bearings

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I'm about to launch into buying some front wheel bearings for the Dolomite (Same kit as GT6/Vitesse/some non Triumphs)

My notes say:

GHK1011 kit
(inner, outer, seal, split pin)
GHB102 Outer Bearing
LM11949/LM11910 - Timken Imperial Taper -19.05x45.24x15.49mm 
GHB101 Inner Bearing
L44649/L44610 - Timken Imperial Taper -26.99x50.29x14.22mm

GHS146 - Oil seal 
PC20 - Split pin

Can anyone confirm the timken part numbers or the sizes for the bearings before I order some? In a moment of self-doubt I'm worried about my notes and how compos mentis I was when I made them.

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The part numbers match those in the Herald/Vitesse workshop manual, which I believe to be correct.

Quite easy to get Timken for a reasonable price last time I ordered, unlike the smaller Herald ones which are rather expensive.

Screenshot 2018-10-26 at 15.17.14.png

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Thanks! Good to know I wasn't going mad when I made those notes. Current best price for me (incl. vat and delivery) is about 15 quid per pair of bearings for Timken genuine branded, whereas 03062/03162 clocks in at a whopping £21 just for 1 bearing!


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