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Bodyguard? Boo! (Plot spoilers!)

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Anyone else been glued to the box the last few Sunday nights?    "Bodyguard" was a compelling story, raising all sorts of story lines about skulduggery in MI6, Politicians, the Police and ex-servicemen, legit and not.    Stunning plot swerves - leading character killed early on - and the last episode has an extra 15 minutes to get it all in!  WoohOo!   It's going to be a goody!

PLOT REVEALS - Go no further if you haven't seen it!























And ... and ... and?     The writer (Jed Mercurio) uses the oldest and stalest trick in the book, "With one bound he was free!"    Our hero, Dave Budd, is strapped into a bomb vest, surrounded by police, bomb squad and armed police with their assault rifles trained on him.    He cuts the last wire - and leaps over a balcony, in moements getting out of the vest and away, past the armed pickets surely posted  to prevent just that     Come on!    That is so lame!   

But it got worse.    In this last 15 minutes, he coerces a character we have hardly heard from, since the first and last episodes, to betray villain No.1 by appealing to their better nature and giving thier neck a bit of a squeeze.   Again, come on!   He then follows No.1 in a way that I would find suspicious if I was followed (and I'm not a villain) to the home of Villain No.2, and in full Die Hard mode overcomes No.1's henchmen and No.1, who then confesses under threat.   When No.1 is supposed to be a thug and master criminal - No way would he spill the beaans like that!!!     That implicates No.2, the Police arrive and we get five minutes of plot exposition as No.2 is interrogated in formal, kindly, no-fisticuffs Dixon of Dock Green Police style.

Finally -FINALLY! - a bloody happy ending!      Our hero, with post army PSTD, plus the experiences of the series, admits he needs 'Help', breaks down in front of the least sympathetic counsellor you can imagine, in a glass sided office (for PTSD counselling???), and then  -and THEN - goes back to his estranged and as-far-as-he-knows unfaithful wife (to whom he was unfaithful too) and they and the kids drive off for a happy weekend.  Not credible.  Even in a thriller.

No.   Just no.  Mercurio lost it.  I am amazed. 

He is the most daring writer, and he didn't dare do the most obvious denoument, that Budd blows his bomb, AFTER his evidence is revealed, so that he is exonerated posthumously and the villains are exposed .      This ending is like a commericial for MIND or Combat Stress.  

I wonder if this story was intended for a much longer series, in US style like "The Wire", " Breaking Bad", but the BBC wouldn't, couldn't finance that, so all the plot lines that would have filled those twelve or more hour long episodes had to be crammed into the last of six.  Even with an extra 15 minutes, it's not enough.




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PLEASE STOP POSTING ON THIS TOPIC! Missed all but first 10 mins of last episode due to power cut, so will have to do iPlayer catch up this evening! HAve managed to reply without reading John's post, Guess I could always just shutdown Sideways for the day though :sad:

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1 hour ago, oldtuckunder said:

Have managed to reply without reading John's post


That makes you eminently qualified to engage in a Members' Chat debate in the Other Place  :blink:


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