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Nick Jones

Spitfire / GT6 (squaretail) door handle parts

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Chris has been fiddling about with the doorhandle mechanisms.  As usual, there are broken plastic bits to contend with and these are apparently NLA from the usual suspects.

He has dealt with this by getting drawing them up in Solidworks and getting a friend to 3D print them in ABS plastic.  It's the orange one in the pic though other colours are available.

These could be produced in moderate quantity and retail @ around £ 10 ea were there a market for them.


P/nos. 520260 - RH and 520261 - LH

He's also looking at the plastic rocker that operates the door lock (the ends have snapped off both of ours and been bodged) which might be a little simpler, quicker and thus cheaper.  

Anyone interested?  Whole doorhandle assembly is ~ £ 100!




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