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Spain and classic le man's trip

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Hello All

               On boat back to Blighty now 2000 miles at Roscoff !(1 lt of oil used so I have done something wrong on new engine! And puffs of blue smoke!!!)

Will investigate when Memsahib let's me in the garage!

A few last photos last digs and lunch stop in Roscoff I Will work out total cost when home and if I do not have a heart attack I will tell you but it has been a fantastic trip over the 3 and a half weeks seen some sights downed some vino (for medicinal reasons!) And meet some nice people !








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Hello All

               This is a round up of our trip.

We sailed from Portsmouth to Bilbao

Drove to San Sebastian 2 nights

Pamplona 2 nights

Oloron Sainte Marie France 1 night

Jaca 1 night

Vielha 1 night

Andorra 1 night

Seix 1 night (back in France)

Antichan De Fronigns 1 night

Sarrancolin 1 night

St Pastous 1 night

Angouleme 2 nights self catering

Sainte Verge 1 night

Classic Le Mans 4 nights camping!

St Nazaire 2 nights self catering

Huelgoat 2 nights self catering

2200 miles covered plus ferries!

We did  17 ( I think!) Mountain passes the highest just under 7000 feet

Erro 801 m

Mezkiritz 922 m

Ibaneta 1057 m

Puerto De Somport 1640

Fadas 1470 m

Port De Labonaigua 2072 m   

El Canto 1720 m

Port De lers 1517 m

Col De Agnes 1570 m

Col de Latrape 1110 m

Col de la core 1365 m

Col de port de Aspet 1069 m

Col de Mente 1349 m

Col du Portillon 1293 m

Col De Peyresourde 1563

Col De Aspi 1490 m

Col Du Tourmalet 2115 m

Spitty ran ok just a bit hot and a bit lean at tops used just over 1 lt of oil? & 36 to 37 mpg!

Roger and Margaret

















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The booking of the hotels / B&B's must have been a nightmare, and how did you manage the underground parking  as well.

I think you had a fantastic trip, and only one litre of oil for 2200 miles i reckon thats brilliant, thanks for sharing it all 

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