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Coin-op video games

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At one time I had a large (17 machine) collection of coin-op video games... a few life changes later and I'm left with just 5 machines...

When I'm not fixing Triumphs I like to restore/repair the electronics and cabinets on these.

I currently have:

  1. Atari System II (Paperboy or Championship Sprint) full sized machine
  2. Atari Asteroids full sized machine
  3. Atari Star Wars full sized machine
  4. Atari Battlezone smaller machine
  5. Atari Missile Command smaller machine

Plus boxes of circuit boards and parts I've hoarded over the years.



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Blimey....... Another whole world I know almost nothing about. There must have been tens of thousands made - where do the go to die?

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A very large number of the early "dedicated" machines were scrapped/burned at the end of their service lives (when they were 5 years old or so) because they could only run the game that they had when they came out of the factory. In the 1980s a "generic" style of cabinet and standard wiring was introduced that meant the cabinets could be fitted with new games as they came out... they lasted into the 1990s until the industry was virtually killed off by home consoles like the playstation equaling the graphics etc. that an arcade machine could offer.

These days one of the biggest problems is getting hold of replacement CRTs if you damage one... nobody makes 19" CRTs in 4:3 aspect anymore.... not since flat panels came along.

I have a fondness for the late 1970s / early 1980s Atari stuff.

Some last bastions of nostalgia for 40-somethings like myself still exist: https://www.arcadeclub.co.uk/


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