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The Evil Internet, thwarted!

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Interesting.     Last year, I bought one of those mobile phone endoscopes.  It works as well as £10 'scope would work, and today I had a job for it.  But I''d deleted the driver from my phone, to make room in memory.    No probs, download a QR reader.     I did, but on using it on the QR square in the leaflet that came with the scope, It took me to a Chinese stock seller.   Deleted.

Kaspersky offer a QR reader.  I know Kaspersky are tools of the Russian oligarchy, but they promise that it will remove rogue stuff.     And it does.  It contacts the same Chinese site and than deletes it!   So my 'scope is scrap, if I can't get a driver for it!   Oh, well,  experience is cheap, and so are mobile scopes.


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I can only sympathise.  One of the reasons for starting another thread on this subject a while back was because the video interface of the ten-quid proctoscopes is poor.

I've tried CameraFi on Android and the assault is similar - overwhelmed with adverts and nasty links for the unsuspecting.  If you search 'otg camera' in Google Play, none of the apps come with anything like acceptable ratings and comments frequently refer to being swamped with adware.

However, if you plug it into the PC, there is a better selection of drivers (such as here: https://www.theimagingsource.com/support/downloads-for-windows/device-drivers/icwdmuvccamtis/), which I'm about to try...


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