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Fuel hoses revisited

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All of the SAE30 R9 I've bought from ebay has been rubbish with the outer layer cracking up within a year.  This is a theme repeated all over judging by the internet chatter.  Whether this is because the spec is basically flawed or (more likely) there is someone dumping fake stuff on the market is not entirely clear.

Following a recommendation from the Retro Rides forum I've got Cohline 2240 fitted now.  It's doing ok so far but still has 3 months to go before it's done a year.....



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Hello All

               I have just ordered some of this hose as mine is cracking and boot stinks of petrol!(12months old ebay Cr*p)

Plus when I fit the new engine I want to fit the fuel cooler so I need more hose.


Hopefully no more fumes and no cracking!


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