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Where did that wire go?

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Well I'm sure when I started this Edis MegaJolt wiring I had an idea of what needed wiring, :ermm: but.......


But with a lot of clipping, soldering, shoving and cajoling it sort of started going into place :cool: ......


But like water you find it has all escaped and oozed out somewhere else :mad: .....


But finally with a lot more clipping soldering shoving, out of chaos......

comes Organised Chaos :biggrin:




NB. I suspect a bit more complex than the average MJ wiring job as I needed to integrate TPS, MAP, MJ and the Innovate Data logger. Oh an I wanted to be able to switch between Dissy/Points and Edis/MJ in a couple of mins if needed, Thats what the 3 pin plug(s) do.

However I don't know if it works yet! and now I have to find somewhere  else for the Gloves!

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1 hour ago, oldtuckunder said:

now I have to find somewhere  else for the Gloves!

Hello Alan

                  String backed of course????


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