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Snooty Goodwood

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Just finished a long correspondence with The Goodwood Revival, asking if I might enter the St.Mary's trophy.    It's their "Pre-66" race for saloons and AFAIK has never had a Triumph in it!  Was honest, and said that mine was built in 1971, but pointed out that  the Vitesse model came out in '62, became 2L in '66 and was unchanged in apperrance throughout its run, but to no avail.  I , or my car, are 'persona non grata'.

That rally Vitesse for sale in Finland would fit the bill, surely, but it's a lot of money and long way away!   https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Triumph-Vitesse-1600cc-1963-Historic-G1-FIA-passport/162987374371?hash=item25f2cdf723:g:tSYAAOSw-xNaybAR

Ho Hum!


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