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Electronic flasher relay...?

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My question is regarding uprating the indicators (and therefore hazard lights) on a Dolomite Sprint (with the directional indicator display not the non-directional later type).

I wish to use LED bulbs for the indicators but was going to retain the original bulbs for the instrument panel
and furthermore, will possibly occasionally tow a trailer, to which I wasn't going to bother changing to LED bulbs.

Will a standard electronic flasher relay work (https://www.carbuildersolutions.com/uk/red-2-pin-electronic-flasher-relay) with a mixture of bulbs
is it necessary to change all the bulbs to LED and use a dedicated electronic LED flasher unit https://www.carbuildersolutions.com/uk/red-2-pin-led-flasher-relay?





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To use a mix of bulb types you will certainly need an electronic flasher unit (because the old bi-metallic type needs the correct bulb current to make it work). In theory there is no need to change all the bulbs but you will need to change the hazard flasher unit too.

BUT the choice of flasher unit is crucial, particularly with the two-pin variety. These need the bulbs to complete the circuit for the flasher internals and will be sensitive to the load you apply which could affect whether they flash at all or the speed at which they flash. A standard two pin electronic flasher may not be happy with a mainly LED load while an LED type may burn out if you try to drive standard trailer lights too. You might be lucky with a standard unit but only trial and error will tell.
You might be able to find an LED unit which can also supply normal bulbs but it would probably be much simpler, if a bit more expensive, to change everything to LED.

Make sure you connect the polarity correctly for the flasher units. If the wires have been crossed the bimetallic type won't care but an electronic one will not work.

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Thanks for your reply.

Previously on another Dolomite, I used relays for the indicators at the back, into which I wired the trailer's indicators.
This worked well with a standard flasher unit (bi-metallic type), the indicators went at the same speed with and without the trailer connected.

It will be some months before I am ready to install the LEDs, I am currently making up an order to Car Builder Solutions
who give not only a 10% discount to TDC members but also free postage on orders above a certain amount,
hence the question at this time.

I will let you know how I get on.





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