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Happy Birthday PaulAA

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Hope you had a good birthday today Paul. You had some good wishes over in the other place and I said I'd pass them on ...


Happy Birthday Paul, hope you have a great day. 

Cheers Kev.



Happy Birthday Paul,  not sure if you can read this.  Have a great day.



Happy birthday Paul. Hope you're OK in the weather over there. Colleagues just come back from Olszytn and it was minus 20.



Happy Birthday Paul,Enjoy you Day. 

Alec Pringle

Keep out of the Warsaw cold weather !

Have a good day,




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Hi Darren

Many thanks for forwarding this - much appreciated!

On the basis that I am now a pariah, to whom the town gates are closed, would you be kind enough to respond to the good gents with a thank you?  Please let them know that it is damn cold here in Purgatory, but I'm in touch with the Devil and have asked him to thrown another MG or two on the brazier.



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