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Austin Mini A-series engine noise

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I restored my Mini for the 3rd time in 20 years. Its my classic to use during the winter and I did a few upgrades this time to try to keep up with the moderns.

The engine is a 1293 ccm which had been done 15 years ago (45.000 km) so we pulled it apart and fitted new shells, oil pump, timing chain etc.

It also got a flowed cylinderhead , high lift rockers, an LSD and adjustable suspension :banana:

From the first time I started the car it has a loud 'tapped' noise coming from the rear of the engine.

All the parts are sourced from a friend who builds A-series engines for 30 years and together we were unable to find the fault .....

We changed the rockers back to the original setup, no difference.

I checked without the rocker cover, no difference.

I took the valves springs from th last 4 valves off the check, everything is fine :craig:

I fitted new pushrods and screws, no difference.

The car goes really well and rews up to 5.500 without a problem.

So if you have any ideas what it could be, please let me know.


20180113 (2).MOV

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I can download (how slow is your connection Alan?) but not play it - some codec issue?

If suspecting it is valve train noise (hanging tappet?) you could try temporarily reducing the valve clearances to zero and seeing if it shuts up.


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30Mb Symmetric, but I suspect I was trying to play streamed and it was encountering trouble decoding hence the time estimate.

Well actually I had gone off on a tangent after trying to track down a sharp tapping noise at the end of last season which turned out to be hole in collector in manifold, so was wondering as everything was running all right if it could be something stupid like blowing plug or manifold, hence half rpm or full rpm timing.


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