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Some people call me the space binman

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Yup, everything v good.  We both took early retirement from our healthcare careers in growing concern and disgust at the stupid games that were being played with and in the nhs.   Diane took the opportunity to relocate her career to Canada so we moved to Vancouver island to live by the sea.    She continues in her career while I manage our on-the-beach holiday cottages.   I am also a qualified commercial skipper and I do skippered sailing day charters with our sailboat (The Black Pig).   Vehicle-wise, I’ve returned to my origins and I’m doing Japanese motorbikes from the seventies and eighties, the bikes I grew up with...    in North America, if it’s not a Hardly Ablesome yer average punta doesn’t want to know (buying into the brand advertising you know even if the product is 7/10ths crap).  Old, over-engineered jap bikes are not understood or appreciated for their worth apart from odd people like me!   It’s the same state of affairs as with Triumphs probably in the nineties - an open invitation to those with the interest and abilities to rebuild them to better than original performance.   All the bits are available in the same manner as old cars - you build a supply network.


John and Vinnie have told me the supersix is in the hands of a racer now, I hope to be able to follow progress from Afar (I’m off to the Middle East next).


now you lot, play nicely!  I hear the old farts at trr overdosed on their laxatives and had a bit of a clear out....?


regards from Nanoose Bay, open for pasty-faced brits to come for a holiday.

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Yes, due to my impecuniosity...  I used a tr6 cast 6:2 but that sends the two downpipes into a side by side arrangement and there isn’t enough space between the chassis rail and the engine for two downpipes side by side so I made a extension piece from stainless tube that turned the downpipes through a further 90degs into a forward and aft arrangement, then a further 90degs to point the pipes backwards to go under the car, then a 2:1 for the exhaust pipe, also ss, also made by me as I wasn’t going to pay someone to build a bespoke system to fit when I could do it myself.  Finally to appease the mot man I fitted an e marked silencer box, also adjusted to fit.  Made it all legal (apparently).  It was sufficiently quiet even with 50mm tubing

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