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Are you a tool nerd?

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The tools of the the engineer fascinate me.  Micrometers, so simple, so accurate, and in a whole range of sizes.   So here's the opportunity:



In two lots, a full set of micrometers, from one to TWELVE INCHES in fractions of a thousanth!   Oh Joy!

That apart from those up to 3", I cannot think of why or how I should need them, to have that full set would be like owning a complete set of cigarette cards, or a Royal Flush at poker!

Anyone else have asimilar obsession?

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Hello John


 I have at least 3 off  0" to 1"  2 off  0 to 25 mm 

1 off  1" to 2" Moore and wright Micrometer 

 1 off Shardlow  0 to 6"(1" steps with changeable ends and setting gauges)

2 off dial gauges 

1 off verdict gauge   

1 off cheap digital caliper 

1 off good Japanese digital caliper (Mitutoyo)

1 off 0" to 9" Mauser (0 mm  to 250 mm) Caliper

Plus all the mechanical calipers and rulers

2 sets of digital scales  0 to 500 gm,  0 to 5 kg







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I've got a a fair few that came with my mill and lathe including a set of micrometers from 1 - 6".

I'm not a precision engineer by nature so I mostly use my cheap electronic "very near" which is what real engineers call verniers.


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