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My latest tool itch (yes, I know, calomoine lotion) came on after watching the latest Project Binkie episode, the one where Richard spends hours of his life unravelling a car loom.     Not that I want to do this, but I noticed the handy set of terminal extractor tools that he had.  See the episode, about 15 minutes in: 


I've searched eBay and Amazon, and all that is on offer are sets of flimsy looking keys on a split ring, or boxed sets, at prices that are likewise split from less than £5 to more than £40. The first I don't trust, and as the second are sometimes in Red Boxes, I don't trust them either.      Anyone know of the handy looking tool set that is used in the BO workshop?    It's made by Blue Point so won't be cheap or nasty, and  comprises solid plastic housings, with three, or six keys pivoted on one or two common shafts, in the manner of some allen key sets.  Voila: 

Image result for allen key set

BUt nothing like it is to be seen on t'Net.  Any ideas?  Thanks!

John  (off for a good scratch!)  

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Hello All

               How about this for those SMALL turning jobs? (78"centres! and 22" swing!)

Now what can I make that requires a lathe that big?



ps just noticed it has a removable bed gap as well! so about 40"swing!!! (lorry flywheel?)

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