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8 hours ago, oldtuckunder said:

John! Will you please stop posting engineering porn on this forum! I just took a brief look at that Catalogue and I'm already trying to work out how much heavy equipment I could get in the barn. I don't need it, but just feel a compulsion to have some of it.

I mean who could resist having a 


If only I knew what a (Risk Assessment and Method Statement required prior to removal) meant


Hello Alan

                   A nearly 6.5 m traverse! You could mill a whole car on that!


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I visited an old friend in Cambridge on Sunday and he showed me his shed, where he has collected (and uses, most effectively) many varied and fabulous tools, most of them old but fully functional.  Resplendent upon his workbench was a Drummond lathe, very similar to this one, which made me weak at the knees.

Keep up the tool porn, John, for those of us of an 'inadequate disposition' (= shed-less)


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