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TR6 Nissan R200 diff

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This summer I broke the diff in my TR6. I thought they were bullet proof but two teeth broke on the pinion gear so the thing was toast.



I decided to replace it with an R200 LSD unit from an Infiniti Q45 using the kit from Richard Good. He supplies all the brackets and adapters for various axle configurations as well as a used R200 if needed and a shortened prop shaft since the R200 is longer that the TR6 diff.



The usual quality bit of kit from Richard and a very straightforward installation.






I already had the Goodparts CV axles, hubs and rear anti-roll bar so the rear end of my TR6 is now all Gooparts.



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21 minutes ago, roulli said:


Did it break without making noise beforehand?

It made no noise before the break but once it broke it made a terrible racket which I attributed to the exhaust coming apart since the tone and volume were different under load compared to coasting. However I did drive the 10 miles home with the pinion teeth in the bottom of the case.



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