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If I may, I have a query about wheel width please.

5.5J or 6J, which is more suitable?



I am intend replacing 175/70x13 tyres on a Dolomite Sprint with 185/60x14 (which obviously means changing wheels too!)

so I am wondering is which of 5.5J or 6J a better choice of wheel width? 


For wheel arch clearance, either could work:







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As they fit the TR7 and all the small Triumphs (some with clearance issues) but worth checking out if the MGF range of Alloys will fit the Dolomite, there are lots available in 15x6 which means you do have to use a 55 or 60 profile, but you can pick up a clean set for around £100 and there are oodles of tyres available in 15" whereas 14" there aren't so many, 15" are also cheaper normally.


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Thanks Alan.



I already have a set of MGF steels  (more correctly, Montego steel wheels) which are 5.5J x 14.

These fit a Sprint very well. I prefer to stick with 14" wheels........


MGF alloys can be used on a Dolomite but this invariably involves a degree of back outer wheel arch lip removal.

I am prepared to buy brand new wheels.




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