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Darren Groves

FOR SALE - Triumph Dolomite 1850

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I was contacted by a very sweet old lady from down in Plymstock, Devon who has recently had to give up driving and wanted help selling her 1979 Dolomite 1850, which she has owned from new. Anyone  looking for a bit of a project? So here are the good and bad points...

2 Owners from new, but same family at same address
Genuine 54000 miles
Tahiti Blue
I collected it as a non-runner, but just needed a fuel pump and it now starts on the key.
Everything on the car seems to work, except the wipers which don't park.
MoT expired July 2016

It does have some issues, which are:

3 of the doors will need replacing, the other needs some repair work.
Will need a new NS Sill and repair to rear arch
Hole in boot floor where it meets the inner arches
NS front wing has had a parking bump, but would pull out easy.
Boot Lid corners need a repair
Front valance needs a repair
Inside A-Pillars also need welding
Chrome is pretty good, but some trim will need replacing.

Drivers Seat is well worn
Passenger Seat has a split as does the rear seat back

Loads of pictures attached and a short video of her running. I have driven her for a couple of miles and she starts, drives and stops very well.

This car is very savable and would make an excellent project.

Customer is looking for around £950, but I'm sure she will take a sensible offer.

If I can't sell it for her, then I may restore myself!

Please message me if you're interested

Video & Images below.























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Looks eminently savable.  I've seen far worse, though that windscreen surround and A pillar rot could turn out to be really ugly.  Doesn't appear to have gone above the headlights though - which is a big bonus.  Pity there is no overdrive.

I don't need or want another project though.......


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The Triumph Dolomite Club has (available to TDC members) all the repair sections necessary here, save for the A-pollar bits.

The bit below the windscreen looks quite nasty and involves a lot of work potentially to make right, but since the A-pillars need doing anyway, it

is not that much more in practise.


Seats will have to be secondhand replacements? (I actually have a pair in that colour that aren't great, but still better than they ones.)

However, the TDC does have remanufactured seat diaphragms so refurbishing the seats could be a possibility, albeit expensive?


Overdrive is a desirable option but not essential as an 1850 engine will happily sit at 4000 rpm (70mph) all day long.

Alas o/d boxes are rare and as such command strong money (>£300).




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