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Nick Jones

EGR - choking on you own sh1t

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EGR = Exhaust Gas Recirculation

Return of a proportion of exhaust gases to the inlet manifold under some conditions.  Spoils the combustion efficiency a bit, reduces combustion temperatures and reduces formation of nitrogen oxides.  Used on both petrol and diesel engines.

On diesels it can have a fairly disastrous effect on the state of the inlet manifold....






Younger son has inherited Chris's old Arosa. This is the 1.7 SDi normally aspirated diesel.  When new it had 60 clattery horses. The S is for slow. 

It's been a pretty decent car.  Now in it's 4th year of service with us.  It actually has a pretty hard life and it needs to work (college is a 40 mile round trip) so we serviced it a couple of weeks ago ago discovered a couple gremlins.  One was a small hole in the fuel feed pipe, just above the tank, which explained quite nicely why it was getting (even) slower and harder to start when the tank was nearly empty.  We also took the cover off the inlet manifold which is just a big box, half aluminium, half plastic housing these weird curved ram-pipes.  Which were absolutely rammed with soot stuck together with oil from the breather system.

I ordered gaskets and we pulled it apart properly this afternoon.  Yuck!  Dismantling and reassembly were refreshingly easy after the nightmare that is the TT.  Cleaning though :o 

Mechanical methods, caustic solution, water-based degreaser, carb cleaner......  It's tubes are now fairly clear and the EGR disabled.

Apparently it goes better - not alot, but a bit.  Amazing it ran at all.  No 4 ram pipe was  nearly blocked.......


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Cleaning out the inlet manifold on my L322 RR TD6 was one of the dirtiest jobs I have ever undertaken on a vehicle.

It was full of soot and made a right mess.

I fitted an EGR blanking plate and folded over the vacuum pipe with a ball bearing in it all tied in with a cable tie. Luckily no electronic disasters on that one.



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Isn't this a better way, probaly done best in the open, on a damp day, as it could start forest fires!   Or garage and house fires!


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