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Ben Loyal and Loch Eribol, 1998

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Folk are kind enough to take the trouble to post photos from their travels. Here are two from April 1998 featuring the Sprint I ran (through the 90s).59dcf63633061_NSK95MBenLoyal030.thumb.jpg.363d339c6ae283233c2b4899cee1b17b.jpg

This is Ben Loyal taken from the A836, just before reaching the village of Tongue, having travelled from Wick.

For those who have done the Round Britain Reliability Run, this is some 20 or so miles west of where you leave the A836 after Bettyhill to drive by Loch Naver and on to Lairg.







This is a wee while later that morning overlooking Loch Eribol on the A838, having crossed the Kyle of Tongue and Moine.

The mountain to the left is Cranstackie and yes we did climb it that day.

Loch Eribol is a sea loch noted for its great depth. 




These roads are now part of the North Coast 500, which is a very popular holiday destination. Classics are now a very common sight

and high performance sports cars too (although to be fair many are hired in Inverness just for the trip).


Is it just me, or do new sports cars look incredibly wide?







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Nice pics.  I find the first particularly dramatic - it looks like the RBRR turns off too soon!  Though the run down Strath Naver was one of the high points I remember from my RBRR in 2008.

Nearly all modern cars are very wide on the outside, and rather less on the inside.  Bloody nuisance in the lanes!


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