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End of season compression test

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Hi John

Arrived today, Immediately tracked down a rumble that has been puzzling me to a blown header collector box, rather than anything more serious! Clarity is amazing compared to using a metal bar, and with the long thin probe attached you can really get at awkward places to listen.

At the price you really can't knock it, and can now start a medical practice sideline :-)


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Stethoscope is a great tool - it's worth listening to everything when there isn't a problem to 'orient' your ears, as it's quite easy to think something's wrong when it isn't!!


Alan, love the leak down tool, I think I'll buy one to put on the shelf.  As is often the case, I think the comparative results are more important than the absolute.

I've not read all your words (sorry....!), but want to recite a story as a warning:  We used to use a nitrogen leak down test at work, pressures were much higher (industrial Diesel engines), it was essential to lock the individual cylinder being tested to TDC.  If you didn't the piston would be forced down, and the pressure would rupture the liner with one hell of a bang.
.... be careful!!!



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