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Ok looks a good position, just asked as Innovate recommend longer bungs if they are fitted closer to the head. And I know that the wideband sensors don't like being powered up heated if they have damp/condensation on them, but looks like you have that all covered.

In terms of early failure of wideband sensors, one of the areas of discussion is should you power them up before starting the engine, or only just as you are starting the engine, Innovate recommend only when starting (although contrary advice can be found elsewhere). One thing that is recommended is that you don't power them up and leave them powered up without starting the engine, so for example if you have them wired to come on with ignition switch and you turn the ignition on to test/wire up do other things for any period then it can cause premature failure. I have my sensors wired so that they only come on when I power the fuel pump, i.e. I really am going to start the engine.


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Mine is wired up with the Fuel Pump relay which switches off after a couple of seconds if you don't crank the engine, but I must confess to bypassing this and powering up and leaving on for a bit when I was getting things set-up in the early days, but only a handful of times, but maybe that caused some damage.

We'll see how it goes.


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