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Data Logging Tps, Useful Even Without Efi?

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I have data logged TPS on my carbs for several years as its really useful in setting them up to compare RPM, Throttle position and AFR's along with manifold vacuum. 


Whilst just perusing some logs from Loton I noticed that at one or two point where I had gone WOT, and should have stayed WOT that the log was showing me backing off, then occurred to me that at the CC track day, Nick had commented how strong my throttle return spring was, whilst I noticed that I could hardly feel any on Nick's.


So have just been pondering if the exxtra heavy return spring I run was allowing the throttle to close a bit if I really didn't have the pedal welded to the floor.


Anyway just reworked the secondary return spring, so much lighter, we will see at a few events from the logs if it makes any difference.



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