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Interestign Idea - Pop-Up Rops For Spitfires

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Over on the Triumph Experience site, Steve Wten is proposing to fit a pop-up ROPS (Roll Over Protection System) to his Spitfire.

His model and source of parts is the kind of system fitted to moderns like BMWs.

To my surprise, they are not driven by pyrotechnics, but by springs, so reusable, with electronic latches and a simple, single sensor box to detect imminent inversion.

Which would make fitting to a pre-electronic, pre-ECU car like a Spitfire an almost purely mechanical job.


See: http://www.triumphexp.com/phorum/read.php?8,1475343


Only problem I can see is finding a donor in which the pop-up ROPS is undamaged.



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