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Triumph Mk4 Gearbox Us Vs Uk Cars

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Dear all. I need some help. I found a gearbox for a mk4 spit but it seems it was originally on a US car. Are there any issues with getting this installed on a UK car? Are the ratios different?


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I'm pretty sure it will be fine going into a UK car whereas if going into an Aussie car it would rotate backwards...

D'ya think?  :P



No ratio differences for gearbox.  Some models have different rear axle ratios Euro/US.


Provided your car has a 3 rail box (reverse down and to top left) and the replacement box is the same then you should be ok.  Only other obvious thing to look out for is that they both have round output shaft flanges (square flanges from Mk3 Spit and earlier or Herald and indicates 3 synchro 'box)



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