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Darren Groves

Momentary Loss Of Electrics

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Occasionally (though twice today) my Herald just cuts out, I look down and the ignition lights are on but I'm coasting to a stop, on most occasions the car restarts fine and I carry on. This seems to have become more frequent since I switched to EFI, though my gut feeling tells me that's just a coincidence. I had something similar when I was running Megajolt & Carbs a couple of years ago, the starter seemed sluggish afterwards on those occasions, so I added an additional earth lead from the engine to where the battery earth connected to the body, this seemed to fix it that time round. 


Until a couple of weeks ago I had one of those dis-car-nect jobbies on the battery earth terminal and each time it happened the small bypass fuse blew. Thinking this might be the issues I removed it and went back to an earth lead direct to the body, but I have had the issue again today, so can't be that. 


One thing that does happen every time is that I lose all the presets on the radio, which says to me that there is a complete momentary loss of electrics rather than an ECU glitch or loss of power to the ECU, Pump Or Injectors etc.


I have an alternative battery I can borrow for a while, so I will see if that helps. But before I start checking connections & wiring anyone else had something similar?







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It does sound like a complete loss of connection to the battery - though the interesting thing is that as the engine is running alternator power ought to keep it going.


I can't picture the exact wiring layout on a 13/60 but suspect you ought to be looking somewhere like where the big brown wires attach to the solenoid or where the original regulator box was bypassed.



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