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Dellorto Drla Queries

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Hi, I've a Rover 3.5 and it currently has a 390 Holley, Performer intake, headers and a piper BP270 cam. I've also got a set of DRLA 40's complete with Rovercraft manifolds. I've found a tuning shop about 1.5 hrs away from me that specialises in Dellorto carbs and the guy said that he'd set the carbs/engine up on his dyno if I take the car to him. I've no idea what condition the carbs are in and would like to have them cleaned and given a "ball park" tune up, so that I can bolt them to the engine so that it will start and run, so that I drive it without major issues to the dyno guy for a final set up. Are there any recommendations as to who would be able to clean and set these carbs up for me with a "ball park" tune?


Also the carbs both face the same way when mounted on the manifolds, why is that?  Surely it makes it very awkward to adjust the two that face inwards? Is it best to drill and tap the intakes and put the carbs on so that they're both facing back to back? I realise that I'd need to re tap the stud holes and cut into the mounting faces for throttle linkage clearances. 


They also came with a balance pipe that's connected to tapped and threaded pipes. All eight intake runners are connected to this "U" shaped pipe, is this normal and is it for a brake vacuum take off? if not is it best to do away with this set up? Where is it best to take the brake servo feed from??


Sorry for so many questions, but I was directed here and told that I would probably get my questions answered

Thanks in advance.....NIge

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Carbs not so much my thing..... but......


For an easy life - stick with the Holley.  But now you have the DRLAs that's probably not an option!


I agree it would be smart to get them cleaned and checked over before fitting, if only to get rid of all the old fuel deposits.  I really don't know where to suggest for that though.  There was a time when we had our own resident Dellorto specialist, the site's original creator, but he's only a very occasional visitor these days.


As they are already fitted to a Rover manifold I guess there is some chance they may be at least roughly set up - rolling road session still essential though - where in the world are you?


The balance pipe arrangement does sound like a vacuum harvester for a brake servo to me.


Fear that hasn't answered many of your questions, but others may be along with wisdom.....



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A couple of companies come up doing Dellorto refurbishment







JRS are in south wales and whilst saying  they specialise in full refurbishment rather than cleaning, they do seem to have an associate company that does just a cleaning service.


I have not used either company

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If you remember I found the same thing with the Holley for Chris's V8, commercially the cost of labour to strip and do properly soon rapidly overtakes the cost of new replacement options, which is why nobody does it. Even with the Holley doing it myself the bits were around the £150 and if I added in even a very low hourly rate It would have been cheaper to buy a replacement. The only advantage is I now understand how it works, inefficiently!  :yes:

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  There was a time when we had our own resident Dellorto specialist, the site's original creator, but he's only a very occasional visitor these days.


Thanks for replies so far I'll contact them and see what they have to say. How do I get in touch with the guy mentioned above?



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