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Sheet Metal Nibblers?

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Any Colour you like as long as it's NOT Matt Black!


Wasted a good 8 hours over the weekend, you'd have thought at my age I'd have learn't "if your in a hole stop digging!"


Thought that as the Mat Black was a bit to attractive to dust / fingers marks, that if I just buffed it a bit it might go a bit smoother (maybe a bit satin).  Now I bought an expensive Orbital Polisher and a whole bunch of different grade cutting and finishing compounds and polishes when restoring the XJS a couple of years back, and got on very well with it. So thought lets give it a gentle cut with finishing compound.


Yuk! when all sort of patchy, smooth but patchy, so thought Ok just playing with the surface here, lets give it a better cut, then another with finishing compound, Still Yuk!  OK maybe the Yuk look is just down to it being Mat, (all be it now a super smooth Mat) lets try some of the very expensive polish finishes. maybe a shine will remove the patchy look.


Double Double Yuk! ended up looking like 10,000 kids had rubs their hands over it after eating a finger buffet! 


Ok No Choice, 4 hours later a complete Wet and Dry rub down to remove every trace of every compound I had ground into it, a good wash, and respray the hole top again!


Ok this time I don't care it can stay Mat and if it looks a bit grubby so be it, I'm spending no more time painting something I built just in case the Armco got attractive.


Maybe thought about a Mat Lacquer, but will ponder on that!



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