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New Webber Style Jenvey Throttle Bodies

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So, for a car that needs/benefits from an original period look they let you have injection without losing the look.  Otherwise you might as well stick with the original offerings which are doubtless less expensive.......



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but it sums up.

1000 GBP the bodies with injectors, megasquirt appr 500 GBP, pumps, swirl pots, .fuel lines, rolling road, .....

Easily above 2000  :o


I have three dellorto´s somewhere and a mate who has Alloy welding facilities , hmmmmm

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I actually have two cars equipped with MegaSquirt

and I am doing this on the Rover V8 for more than 10 years.

In former times I was an WEBER DCOE expert and I know what to do.


Right now I would say the MegaSquirt was the best I ever invented to my cars.


Would better aim for cheaper parts as there are used injectors

and employ the nice Jenveys and end up with a sweet price.


Always take into account that WEBER and DELLORTO need

a lot of jets for adjusting and that boosts the price.

The Megasquirt has the dyno function function built in and

the carbs might need a rolling road for setup.......


So all in all I agree, the thing get more expensive than expected

but that will be with both solutions

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You can buy an alternator that looks like a dynamo,  and now fuel injection that looks like Webers.

If I had done those conversions, I'd be proud of my ability, not try to hide it.

At great cost (see above)

Why are people afraid of showing their expertise?



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I like the period look


Every thing I try and do to my car, I try as best I can to make it look, in keeping with the car.


My eye always finds what looks out of place, so to speak, I dont like any thing to modern in a old car.


But thats just me, and what I like from what I do.


each to there own no???

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Good enough to fool the TUV?  :whistling:



It is not fooling, those guys are sometimes experts

but they have a limit when they have to say "No!"


With the Jenveys there is a chance that they will

not interfear because its below the limit they have to detect.


Also the look of that old times (what is nonsense in my view, TR6 was

never equipped with WEBER and the original look is much more

obtained with the original PI converted to EFI) is still in the car.


Still believe the advantage is mostly that an EFI can be installed just

by fitting prefabricated parts and not much need to manufacture special

parts what is beyond the limits of many mechanics at home.

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Andreas - I agree - but Martin has a slightly different problem as the GT6 or Vitesse never had PI from the factory so the TUV doesn't allow the PI look.  However, they do allow the Weber look for some reason......


How did you manage to get a V8 TR6 through anyway??



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How did you manage to get a V8 TR6 through anyway??




The TR6 got the V8 in the early 80s.

It was a 3.5 litre with 155 HP, so pretty close

to the 143 HP original and the things had been

a bit more relaxed in those days. Went to the TÃœV

with the original papers of the donnor car and it was done easy.


Later on I swapped to the 4.6 and had a Dyno

with just the power the TÃœV was willing to accept.


A friend of mine managed to do that in the 90s

inspired from my car. He went to a specialist who normally

swapped the Jaguar engines of the modern ones into the

old Jag limousines and from that had the connections to get

that road legal in a time the things aleady went bad.


The real problems started around 2010. They got wild and

did not want to accept ols parts because they are not manufactured

according to a quality control system like ISO 9000 and did not

accept modern part with those papers because the are not historically correct.

I think actually it needs one of the rare engineers willing to help.

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