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Fiberglass Body On Tr4A Live Axle Chassis, Spring Mod?

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Putting a Dio Tipo kit car body on a TR4A live axle chassis.

Actually the body has been "On" the chassis before but was so poorly done I have to start over.

With essentially no weight on the rear of the car the under-slung frame is against the axle at all times.
Jumping on it barely imparts movement.
So unless I want to get into some extensive redesign I need to remove one leaf from the rear to compensate for the much lighter load.
Short bottom leaf or the one above?

Adding a fuel tank and maybe a spare tire will not be enough to matter with the light fiberglass body.


Not certain which engine to use.

I have, 225 Cu. In. Buick V6/T5, Alfa Romeo 2000 and original five speed, or 1980 GT6 and original four speed.

Buick V6 is a little over the top with expected all-up weight.

Alfa deserves a bit better suspension even at only about 100 BHP.

GT6 is a bit long (more forward weight) and less powerful than the Alfa but would keep it all Triumph.



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I guess with the Triumph Engine in it could be a Dio GTR4a


Re springs do you have the flatter TR4a springs or the Deep Dished ones there was a change at some point.


If it was me and I was removing a leaf, I think I'd go for 3rd leaf up as its not clamped and I'd like to keep the stiffness in the section close to where the axle bolts.


I know someone does lowering blocks for TR4a leaf springs which go between spring and axle, effectively lowering the body, you may find playing with number of leaves and thickness of spacing blocks gets you the ride height you want.



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