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Converting O/d To 4 Speed!

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I know that this is the reverse of the norm, but I have my reasoning. I rarely drive any distance on the road these days and I have no need of the o/d on the track. What I need are the bits to convert it, these easiest way I think would be to find someone who wants to convert to o/d and exchange with cash adjustment. My gearbox was built by Mike Papworth in 2007 and is quiet and has a good change. The o/d was a recon exchange unit from Canleys in 2009 and has new solenoid fitted a couple of years ago. I would need a 'box for Mike to beef up and also need to get a competition clutch built. I estimate a GWO o/d set up complete should be worth about £350 - £400 as it is all recon. The prop has just benefitted from GKN HD U/Js. I would appreciate comments, advice, offers etc.

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I did the same thing, pointless dragging an extra 15-20kg around that is a weak point. Tucked my OD setup away just in case in the future I want to drive sensibly again  :yes:


Vitesse/GT6 same box  try Dave Saunders at Triumph spares in Worcestershire 01905 345595, he said he had a couple of boxes in a few weeks ago, he rebuilds my boxes and is very reasonable.



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I have a four speed Dolomite 1850 three rail gearbox in good working condition from a 1972 car that had done c. 57,000 miles on removal

(replaced by a T9 five speed).

The speedo drive is missing (because I gave it to a Dolomite owner last year).


Anyhow the box is free to uplift, my postcode is KW1 4NT, I can attach it to a standard Euro pallet.

For £10 I can also include a new clutch plate.



Please PM if interested.

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Dolly 1850 3 rail has same ratios to Vit/GT6 and is in fact pretty much identical in non-od form.


I'd hang on to your OD conversion stuff as it's only going to go up in value and if you must sell it you should aim for at least double the figures you named! ( unless it's to me)



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