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Shakespeare County Raceway

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Brilliant weekend! I made a load of new fans who were surprised at how quick she is. PBs all round. I am now consistently running 14.3s @ c95mph, the new 205 60 13 Toyo R888R tyres are working well. Deffo improvement on my tired 185/60 R888 but took some tracking down. One more visit to Shakey next month and the season is done. I'm convinced I can get into the 13s next season. I met a guy who says he has a GT6!that he wants to race. Apparently he has Karl Dandridge building him a supercharged engine! As far as I know I am the only GT6 on the strip and by definition the quickest. Not bad for a NA all Triumph 2litre!

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They are, aren't they?   Quick, I mean.


I took my Vitesse to a track day, full of spotty yoofs with trick Scoobies and so on.

I could hear the tittering, until I went out,  when on my return I was surrounded by them asking "Whacher got in there, mate?"

In fact, 2.5L and six cylinders out rated most if not all of their rice burners.


Small generational satisfaction!


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