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Lightweight Saab Clutch Cover For A Triumph.....

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LuK 122 0035 10 



A Saab 99/900 clutch cover is interchangeable with quite a few Triumphs including the Dolomite 1850 and Sprint

and straight six models including the Vitesse, GT6 and 2000 range.

The good news is that a "modern" version has been produced weighing c.5kg, which is getting on for 3kg less than the Triumph one.


It was recommended to me by a friend in the Netherlands. He uses his Dolomite to tow a caravan into the Alps every summer so it is fair to say

the Saab clutch is strong  :yes: !!!



Two years I tried to find one in the UK without success, so I bought one from a parts supplier in Berlin. I paid 9 Euros for carriage!








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The physical fitment to the flywheel is the same for all of the 6 cylinder cars, 2L and up.  There are sometimes issues with installed height but this can occur even with sets directly listed for your model.  When the cars were still current, some had different listed part numbers due to different spring pressures or whatever but these distinctions are mainly lost in currently available parts.


There are actually many covers that fit and it is also possible to mix and match friction plates of similar diameters though it's a good idea to check that the basic thicknesses are the same as they tend not to work if they are not!


I've mixed and matched some pretty odd combinations in the course of my Toyota gearbox conversion......



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I'm using also the Saab 900 classic clutch cover on my TR6.

It's from Sachs Nr. 3082100041

The pedal force is much lighter, than with the usual B&B after-sales plate, that many Triumph "specialists" try to sell you.

Heavy pedal forces will reduce strongly the durability of the clutch mechanism and the thrust washers of the crank, plus your leg...

Originally (Laycock) the pedal force wasn't as high either, as with the B&B.

The Sachs plate Nr. 3082100042 is much heavier though and shouldn't be used.



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8 hours ago, michaeljf said:

Hello Spider, Do you know what the gearbox is from? I have one that looks the same that I have put in a TR6, gearbox  no.MK 10024. Regards, Michael.


MK prefix would be a later 2500 S or TC, which is the same as mine. have a look here for part number designations. Beware the input shaft is different between the TR box and saloon box and require different clutch drive/friction plate.


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