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I've finally determined where a previously unknown creaking noise from the back of my GT6 is coming from, the transverse leaf spring. My plan was to strip the spring down, clean and lubricate it before wrapping in denso tape, does anyone have reccommendations of a suitable lubricant to use for leaf springs?

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I think the waterproof grease is designed to have an oil wick out and lubricate the bearings based on a thin oil film. The leaf spring application is just short displacement back and forth motion, which is considered "boundary lubrication". For that you need something like anti-seeze paste for bolts, with high solids content. I


When I seviced the "swing spring" I used in my 68 GT6 (with longer Spitfire half shafts) I though there were thin, round pads between leaf's, not sure. I was installing a new pad between bottom spring and top of diff, to eliminate static chassis lean.

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