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Seat Belts And Harnesses

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Hi guys


I am looking for help from anyone who can help.


I am looking to buy and mount a set of seat belts or harnesses to my road race touring spitfire mk2.


What I am after is something easy.

I will be touring with the odd track day event possibly even a race in a classic event.

But mostly will be driving on our roads.


Poping in and out of my car.

I think I would soon get feed up with a multi point type harness.


But and importantly I dont want to be refused entry into to odd event or track day.


Can anyone advise me please.



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Are you saying to have a extra set of mounting

Points just for approved harnesses

And use normal seat belts day to day

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In my saloon I have kept the standard 3 point belt and mounted the eye bolts alongside — in fact I replaced the bolt that holds the standard belt receptacle (name?!) with an eye bolt.


In the end I only had to drill one extra hole.

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Urge (?),

Please read the relevant pages of the Blue Book, the MSA competiion regulations.

See: http://www.msauk.org...Safety)_(K).pdf


Page 156, Para 2.1.1 says that a three point is acceptable, although you might find that local or series regs insist on a more secure harness. Problem is, the regs also "recommend" that a harness be FIA homologated (2.1.5) and date expiry marked. It's not required, but I doubt if any 3 points will be FIA approved, anyway. Scrutes might lean on this to prevent you using a 3 point, which really isn't good enough for competition, to help keep you in your seat if nothing else!

Multipoint harnesses are fiddly, beause each belt must be plugged into a central buckle. There are four points that just plug together, like a lap-and-diagonal, but they are never FIA. Four point harnesses, with a multipoint buckle are available, but even they aren't cheap (£150?)

Read too about the anchor points for the belts and for the seat.


Track days are pretty liberal, no scrutineering.

If you are thinking of competition, go along as a spectator and, when the scrutineers are not busy show them your car and ask their advice, about the seats and harness. It's they who would inspect it before competition, so it's they who would pass it or not.


Good luck!


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