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O Gurus,


When I add a pic to a post, it appears as a thumbnail.

But many pics appear fullsized.

How to do this, please?




PS Can I be "Loves monkeying with his car"? (I know my avatar is an ape, but anyway)

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As far as I can figure, all pictures added to the forum directly appear as thumbnails which are enlarged by clicking on them. This is the same as the TR Register forum.


Those that appear full size will be linked from Photobucket or similar.




PS. You are now monkeying with your car..... You can change this yourself by editing your membership profile.

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if you upload it from your own host, i.e. your own website or photobucket or the likes then you copy the image location from that site and include it in the middle of the following tags. You can also upload it to the gallery here, right click on the fullscreen image and select properties and copy the image location. If your using firefox just right click and select copy image location.



images uploaded through the post system are displayed as thumbnails automatically to save bandwidth (amount of traffic) on the server.

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