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Improving your position within modern life.

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PRIOR to any of this.


YOU must quit Alcohol and Cigerettes.


Alcohol inflates your ego, it makes you feel strong and brave, when you are actually pathetically weakened by it, at the total mercy of anyone. Alcohol makes you content and lowers every aspect of your performance, this is why it's legal, it inflates your ego, keeps you thinking you're great, when you're just useless dirt.


Cigerettes make you docile and content, you have to quit them to get energy, as they set energy/motivator boundaries that aren't in your head originally, you are limited by them, that's why they push them in F1, Cowboy ads, to appeal to Alpha males and keep them quiet.




Stage 1 to crushing anyone thesedays.




Easy. You can shut up 95% of the population thesedays playing their pathetic moral limits with the speak your mind game.


Especially boring middle aged women with an affliction to spreading anxiety, anxiety is like a cancer, you must take hard action to stop it spreading, before it's too late.

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Lesson 2 is not easy.


You are all too resistive, friction and build up from your moral limits is the result: my constant nudges weaken you gradually as the resistances build.




All the shit I got out removed my mental resistance, removed the friction out the workings, oiled my cogs and serviced them: improved my mental energy flow.


I was born hyper, I gave up my talent, I am getting back my talent from those who are removing my right to operate on full charge, to get my angels back from demons.

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Lesson 3.


It's a lesson for me, you have to use and harness energy right now to get daily excess energy, energy thieves are rife, everyone I know has no go at all, they are sucked dry by crap.


Part of this is making sure I go bed exactly 17hrs after I get up, to get a correct charge and make sure I don't overdo it. Power management, controlling my excess energy and habits, to avoiding staying up all night.


On 20V tonite, could easily be here reading some random shit for the next 5hrs, then will suffer a mental energy reduction for the same period I overloaded myself.


Some people NEVER get back to a peak charge, ever, they give away their energy.


I never ever pet cats, gave it up, won't even look at one, one way relationship, fucker steals my emotional energy.


Go cool off outside have some milk and hit the sack.


You gotta control the energy to get charged back up.


Lesson 3. Shift work kills you, never change your sleeping patterns for anyone.

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Lesson 4. Diet and Temperature.


To raise your performance you must REJECT supermarket food and food in packets, all drinks that aren't water or tea and coffee.




We became the fatest nation in Europe today.


We are DEPRESSED, overworked, impulsive, greedy, broken mentally.


Being on the wrong diet is the final nail in the coffin for the UK.


Children born into households with poor behaviour/eating patterns cannot escape a ruined start to life. Combined with playing golf and tennis on game consules like the WII, go the fuck outside and do it for real, if you let your kids play together they don't need a fucking games consule do they, they play together, they don't get ADHD and hyperactive if they PLAY together, they develop SOCIAL skills they don't get depressed easy when they aren't totally insular.


That's another thing for another day.


It's all leading to a total and utter mental and physical collapse.


Stamp the fuck on the supermarkets. Depressed them. They are filling your food with reprocessed fat, sugars, inedible shit that is POISEN. Break them down, move away from them, get your GO back.


Food and fatness we are experiencing atm is totally and utterly unnatural, food we are eating atm is a result of letting our time be ruled constantly by shit and technocrap, we can't even eat right anymore there is no time.


Turn down the heating at 17C you get THIN. Comfort and HEAT make you FAT.


You cannot perform after a can of pop, a lunch of crisps and junk, F1 drivers don't have Redbull in the Redbull bottle they suck on, do they....Ross Brawn eats his banana before the race to give him pure energy, pure NATURAL balance, so he can think CLEARLY.


Monkeys LOVE nanna's, get with it...


You're on a treadmill, step off, it's getting too fast, adjust the speed or get fitter.

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Lesson 5.


You QUIT sugar, all forms of sugar. It'll be PAINFUL, you'll come good.


Less sugar has reduced my nervous bodily energy, that sick feeling or buzzyness, so I feel less of the physical effects of mental stress, this keeps me charged for longer and with more brain power at the poker table, it's efficiency of mind, it saves our energy for important stuff.


Sugar is evil unless for physical power in extreme sports.


You use it for a reason, if needed, you don't need it at all. It's weakening you.

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Lesson 6. It's Pivotal.


You must work out, start with stretches to get limber, give yourself 3months to prepare your legs and back, fuck the chair, I live on the floor all the time. I'm limber. Loosen up you get balance and finesse, you can strut and smooth. Any age you start now, doesn't matter, the body regenerates easy into your 60's, to reach as maximal potential as it can: provided you follow each step and improve your mental flow.


Then you start cycling, it's gonna be the new way soon. It's the best.


Healthy mind lives in healthy body, you earn the right.


Burn the TV, maybe set hard limits on it's use, use the time to work out, start listening to the radio, music, you'll have childlike energy in a year or two. Use a chair to eat a meal, thats the only time, you will have earned the right to eat in comfort :)


When you stretch you reprogramme the brains connections and loosen the pathways in your tissues, you limber up, the speed of movement of energy impulses becomes quicker, you engage the nervous pathways by stretching your extremes, using all your tissue, it's all connected to your brain, you react faster, you become better, any age, you are solid grizzle in many cases, you are slow and weak. Tenderise your body with a roller and stretches you'll be running till your 90.

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Lesson 7: Fuel: type of fuel, correct amount.


You must eat in the AM, lots more. It gives you energy reliability.


This is enough for 4hrs on my bike, in the hills.


Gives me solid mental energy from my internal dynamo.


I'd aim for 1000-1500calories for breaky, the pint of warm lemon juiced water STRETCHES your stressed out guts so you can actually manage a real breaky.


Get back on BUTTER, those spreads REMOVE your energy.


You cannot perform on less, you need breaky, it's no1 priority, you'll be in energy deficiency otherwise. All  the time.


Eating well also triggers your lungs to work better, clear out better, you're energising your organs, you eat a bowl of cereal for breaky you haven't got the energy to fight anyone down when they are messing up your boundaries, you are quiet, worn out and lacking in mental power. You need atleast 3 bowls of cornflakes to get past 11am. Hardly balanced either, it's one type of food.

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Lesson 8. Bodily Fluid.


You gotta get loads a water down you, any shit, bottled is bollocks, you'll need atleast 6litres a day, half a pint an hour, you flush yourself out with it, you improve the quality of your mental state with fresh water in it. No shit. You get more mental agility. Your brain stops working when you get even slightly dehydrated. As with sugar it kills your ability to think, as does caffiene.


I said to James on the way to Germany, I could go to russia, I wasn't bluffing, on my best form, miracle charge I'd have done the solid lot in one sitting on the limiter of the spitfire in top gear, social limits, my lack of fitness and nicotine, the cars fragility, they were my only barrier...The RBBR is a single sitting event for me. You are limited, on my best form I'm more awake than you ever are, even after you've just got up, thats after 3days of being up.


I drive my spitfire to the limit I am willing to go to to avoid crashing it, it's the limit of a balance of thinking/considered risk. I could be faster in a crap car cause I can crash the fucking thing then and not care, it's two sets of limits. My spitfire limits me, it's a liability and expensive. I'd nail it harder if it wasn't mine, no liability I go to NO LIMIT mode, you're lunch. Clear thinking is part of brain hydration, you can ride a finer mental balance, a finer edge of mentality to open out control limits and ease back on the nerves, letting go.


Part of endurance is hydration, piss runs almost clear or you can't be on peak form. You wanna liven up you gotta wake up to the animal you are.

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Wow!  Didn't read the date!  OR, the byline.   

Dave?  Are you there?  Is it you?


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